The Polish Ball

Created by Barbara 3 months ago


I got to know Rysio through the Polish Ball. He was the chief photographer and will be much missed because his photos were second to none. They were kind, they were flattering, and he always sent them in on time. An absolutely lovely man, he was there with his big grin, unphased by anything, undilutedly happy to be wherever he was, whoever he was with. A true inspiration.  And then he fell ill.  And still carried on being an inspiration,

The above photo is one he sent in for the Polish Ball programme. The writing below is what he agreed to have written about him.  Characteristically modest, those few words hide a lot of talent, enthusiasm and love.

Dr Ryszard Szydło worked for over thirty years at Hammersmith Hospital (Imperial College). As an academic he was the author or co-author of over 180 papers in the area of haematology.  He was also an enthusiastic photographer and reported on the Polish Ball for the last ten years.

For 40 years I have been taking photographs, and with my background as a research scientist I bring an inquisitive approach to my art. In 2004 Trees at Llyn Idwal, and in 2005 Grandma’s Birches, were exhibited at the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy in London.” He was the author of exhibitions entitled ‘The Mysticism of Nature’, ‘Art at Work’, ‘The Mysticism of Places without People’, ‘Signs of Ethiopia’, ‘The Tree’, and ‘Travels with Infra-Red’.

Dr Szydło was an enthusiastic member of the Polish Dance Troupe “Mazury” and enjoyed the outdoor life with his three children – foraging for mushrooms, cycling, and gardening. A man of many interests he was as likely to be found enjoying opera as building dinosaurs out of Lego!

Lots of Love Rysiu, I will miss you.

Many condolences to your wife and children